Project Status

A screenshot showing sea level plotting at city level.

What we have:

  • API running providing map tiles showing sea level rises in 1m increments for zooms up to about 76 m per pixel depending upon the area
  • API running showing points of interest in any given area
  • API running returning all points of interest by genre
  • Data for points of interest showing the top cities at risk, species at risk in most environmental regions, most glacier locations and most major reef location data
  • API running scraping common news feeds for climate and environment stories to gather environmental publicity data
  • API running allowing for contributing organizations to supply links to their existing donation pages
  • API running allowing for contributing organizations to link to their existing action and involvement pages, with in-app handling
  • An API to provide quizzes and rewards, along with corresponding in-app handling
  • Search feature allowing easy relevance based location searches
  • Initial quizzes on environmental issues
  • Air quality data plotting (currently updated every 48 hours using information from
  • A demo page showing the extent of the map data and map tiles is available at

App screenshot showing current maximum usable resolution

What we need:

  • Increased resolution source data to improve sea level rise display (30cm or better elevation increments, about 10m per pixel, covering the globe)
  • Global inland flooding risk data for lakes and rivers
  • Increased point of interest data to cover more cities, reefs and environmental regions, as well as other environmental items such as landslide prone areas
  • Small team to moderate and help organize provided data
  • Increased quizzes and rewards based on environmental topics
  • Publicity planning